Aspiration adaptation over time

Working Paper :

Aspiration adaptation and hope: Evidence from Scotland
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Aiming at relaxing internal constraints, much research focuses on the effectiveness of changing aspirations. Yet little is known about how these aspirations change over time. This project studies aspiration adaptation and whether hope can function as a capability - fuelling and sustaining aspirations. We develop a theoretical framework to predict the process of aspiration formation and development, and offer insight into the role of hope in such process. By combining experimental evidence, this project attempts to shed light on the relationship between aspiration adaptation and hope. Focusing on a cohort of students in the University of Glasgow, a randomised controlled trial (RCT) is designed to provide support for the predictions arising from the theory.

Co-authored with: Damiano Turchet, Max Schroeder and Jinglin Wen



527 D, East Quadrangle, Main Building University of Glasgow, UK G12 8QQ



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